We produce orthopedic and anatomical models with ultimate 3D printers

We offer 3D model printing services to hospitals, universities and research centres for the preparation of complex procedures and medical training.

3D printing technology and advanced skills for excellent service

Doctors and engineers with specific skills in 3D printing for medical and surgical applications work at our Centre in Florence.
Thanks to advanced software technologies and 3D printers designed for the medical field, we produce on-demand models for orthopaedics and vascular surgery starting from CT scans or magnetic resonance imaging, which can be used for pre-operative studies or for training.
3D printed organ models

3D printed organ models

Special resins to simulate the appearance and consistency of human organs
With 3D printing of realistic models of organs, veins, arteries and bones, doctors have an effective tool to prepare particularly difficult interventions.
3D models offer surgical students the opportunity to study specific pathologies and make different simulations, avoiding the use of animals or human cadavers.

We have a revolutionary 3D printer for medical applications

Our fleet of machines for 3D printing services in the medical field includes a revolutionary tool: the Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy Printer. This 3D printer is able to faithfully simulate the appearance and consistency of organs and tissues.
Thanks to the special photosensitive resins and is able to create 3D models using different materials at the same time, with different textures and colors. It can replicate a full hand, or a heart, or a vascular system with blood vessels one and a half millimeters in diameter.
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